Co-develop with us

There are just four steps to a SKOVVA co-development project.

The Search

We love the Cornish countryside and hate to see sprawling ill-considered housing developments pushing further out into our meadows and fields. We believe, with vision, plenty of potential sites can be uncovered within our established towns and villages for the smaller scale development that makes for interesting settlements. Gardens, disused buildings and other amenity spaces often offer themselves as building plots. If you’ve a site in mind, we are happy to visit it with you to discuss your ideas.

The Creation

SKOVVA is committed to high quality design, appropriate to its setting, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. We pick the brains of surveyors, planning consultants and estate agents to establish the best use of the site. We then manage your planning application and building control responsibilities.

The Build

SKOVVA has a trusted team of trades people and subcontractors ready to to ensure your project runs efficiently and results in a property we’d all be proud to live in. We select materials and build methods appropriate for the project and ensure that all works are carried out safely and on time. SKOVVA finances the design and build process so it is a priority for us to keep a tight control of costs and to professionally manage all build contracts. We understand that living next to a building site can be disruptive. To minimise this we prioritise establishing new boundaries with existing properties and erecting privacy screens where appropriate before we start building work.

The Sale

As we near completion, we invite estate agents to view and value the new property and begin marketing it for sale. Once a sale is agreed, our solicitors will arrange all guarantees, paperwork and the of handover of keys to the buyers. 

The Happy Ending

We will bid you, our co-developers, a fond farewell and move onto to our next exciting project…

…. and you can pay off your mortgage, put down a deposit on that yacht or book that holiday you’ve been dreaming about.